Rather than using the pre-olympic thread to discuss all the games, I figure it would be better to have different threads for each game... so, I am starting the thread for the Angola game here.

They look like a really small team, so I guess we will see an awful lot of zone. Angola continually qualifies by winning the FIBA Africa games every four years, but they continually get last or second-to-last in the olympics. In other words, this should be a blowout. There are really only two players of note on the team, Cipriano (the all around athlete) and Mingas (the sharpshooter).

--Look for Deron Williams and whoever is playing down low to have big games. Williams has shown a great ability to break zones and get to the basket, while our big men should have a significant size advantage n the boards.

Note-- Nobody on Angola plays professionally outside of Africa

Previous Result- Germany 95- Angola 66