These are popping up more and more now, forcing you to either figure out a way to exit out of them, go around them, or actually read them. There was one on DBR a minute ago while I was reading another post, which thanks to the ad, I could not read. I hate them with a passion, not just here but all over the internet. With TV commercials, at least they are expected, and non obtrusive. I think that the ads that MAKE you read them as opposed to being on the side of content are horrible.
Not only do I not pay attention to the ad itself (I'm to busy trying to figure out how to kill it), but I also make a mental note of the site it's on. Which is ironic, I don't remember the ad, but I do remember the site, negatively. There are plenty of sites I no longer go to because they got to be too much of a hassle. That won't happen with DBR, because I enjoy the site, but I still hate the concept. Just wanted to throw that out there.